Save the pigeons

Save the pigeons

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Save the pigeons

Addressed to: Municipality of Povoa de Varzim

In the Municipality of Povoa de Varzim, Freguesia de Rates, there is a shooting range where often take place various tournaments, championships and training of different types of shot.

Unfortunately, one of these modes is pigeon shooting or, euphemistically, flight shot. During these tests they are savagely murdered hundreds of pigeons. Some manage to escape wounds, and end up dying in the forest and adjacent streets in a show to be degrading and depressing for any human being. Pigeons are not needed for skills and shooting drills to take place, there are other devices, the users do not need to stop their tournaments.

We need urgent to stop the use of helpless animals to the delight of some people who leave much to be desired from the standpoint of sensitivity to the suffering of animals.

This type of event is not characteristic of a civilized society of the XXI century.


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