Terms and Conditions of Participation

The following Terms and Conditions of Participation reach the entire contents of the SOSVOX.ORG domain, and its use shall be subject to acceptance thereof.


SOSVOX.ORG is a AURAT S.A. product. (Constituyente 1467, Piso 20, Of. 2002, Torre el Gaucho, Montevideo, Uruguay).


To register at SOSVOX.ORG, you will have to provide a User Name and a Password. Consider that your User Name will be visible to the public in general.

At all times, we will give you the possibility to check, correct, delete and/or update your information. To do so, you must log into your Account, and, then, go to the "My Profile" section.

Children Policies

SOSVOX.ORG complies with all laws and regulations on children and the Internet.

Children under 13: Since the Site is not directed at children under 13, SOSVOX.ORG does not offer subscriptions for them. If you are under 13 years old, you will not be able to create a Site account.

Children between 13 and 18: If you are between 13 and 18 years old, please, inform your parents or tutor on these Terms and Conditions of Participation, and obtain their consent before providing us your personal information.

Information for parents or tutors.

SOSVOX.ORG encourages parents and tutors to spend time with their children. To become familiar with the types of contents available on the Internet, including our Site. Parents and tutors should regularly supervise the use their children make of e-mail communications and other on-line Sites.

There are diverse Control Tools available on the Internet that can help provide a safe on-line environment for children.

If you are a parent or tutor that has discovered your child has provided us personal information without your consent, SOSVOX.ORG will take the reasonable measures to delete this information from its data base. To request the elimination of your child's information, please, e-mail us at support@sosvox.org and make sure you include your User Name, Password, and E-Mail Address related to your child in your message.


SOSVOX.ORG reserves the right to change its Terms and Conditions of Participation and/or Privacy Policies at any time by means of notification to registered users.

All changes to the Terms and Conditions of Participation and/or Privacy Policies will become effective upon notification by e-mail and/or on the Site, and the continued use of any SOSVOX.ORG service after its publication will imply its acceptance and agreement to be bound by said changes.


The contents that you publish on SOSVOX.ORG will be your own, or you will have the necessary consent from the author, and you will be solely and fully responsible for your publications in the event of a legal conflict due to plagiarism or copyright violation. Likewise, you accept and authorize SOSVOX.ORG to make both versions and translations of said publications and its total or partial publication on any broadcasting media, without any right to compensation.


SOSVOX.ORG is a tool that allows its users to spread their concerns and needs in the form of a request.

Under no point of view shall SOSVOX.ORG endorse, avail or control, either directly or indirectly, the opinions made by its users in their requests, for which it shall be exempted from all liability regarding its contents, and its authors shall be solely and fully responsible.

SOSVOX.ORG reserves the right to suspend or to cancel your registration if you breach these Terms and Conditions of Participation. You shall also agree to indemnify and/or to keep SOSVOX.ORG harmless from any loss or damage or expenses derived from your misuse thereof.


When registering at SOSVOX.ORG, you accept and confirm the knowledge of the Spanish language with the proficiency necessary to understand the Terms and Conditions of Participation and the Privacy Policies set forth in SOSVOX.ORG, acknowledging the Spanish version as the only valid one, to the purposes of any possible controversy, lawsuit or claim, although, in some cases, they may be in other languages, such as English, Portuguese, French, Italian, or German.

In the event of any dispute or conflict related to the Terms and Conditions of Participation and/or the Privacy Policies, it shall be settled by means of good faith negotiations between the parties. If not possible, the parties shall be subject to the courts of the City of Buenos Aires, the Argentine Republic.