Protect and help animals!

Protect and help animals!

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Protect and help animals!

Addressed to: Government of the Czech Republic

I know many people over this are a waving hand, but at least note that. I will be honest. I did not see the animals suffer, but I know it’s happening. As we see before us, and all over the world, before the eyes of other people, every day. Every day, animals all over the world suffer from starvation, cold, pain, sickness, hopelessness that their man is being bounced again, thrown out on the street, forced to work to exhaustion. Every day, people see them, beaten behind the hay or hungry, injured, scared. They do not see animals, but broken souls. Souls broken by someone to whom they believed.

People see it, but that’s all, they just watch that they can do something, they will not do it. They just lie, but regret does not help them. When they see someone bothering an animal, they want to help him, it’s a trifle, but they’re afraid the others will be idiot or that one of them is hurting him. I do not know how you are, but if they had to beat me for every little thing, they would have to beat me every day.

Therefore, please, please, help, protect, you will return once. That´s why I ask the Government to carry out awareness campaigns on animal rights and responsible tenure.


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