Close puppy mills throughout Spain

Close puppy mills throughout Spain

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Close puppy mills throughout Spain

Addressed to: Government of Spain

Thousands of abandoned animals die in the streets every year while still raising and selling puppies in pet stores for hundreds of Euros. Animals are not objects.


We all know that the pet trade is an industry, one that provides animals to pet stores without even worrying about the thousands of animals that die every year in shelters and the streets throughout Spain.

In these places animals are kept crammed in squalid conditions without veterinary care hygiene. Females are pregnant again and again until they can no longer produce puppies, when they are usually killed. To this add that puppies usually suffer from malnutrition, exposure to weather and like their mothers, little or no veterinary care.

Passing hot or cold, getting sick, with diseased eyes, ear infections, scabies, abscesses on their feet, genetic defects, mental health problems from being confined in small cages all their lives. It is not necessary that animals go through this with so many animals in shelters that need homes.

So always castrates or sterilizes your pet and never buy from a breeder or pet store.


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